Gávea Jus was created as a partnership between Gávea Investimentos and Jus Finance, and it is one of the first companies fully dedicated to investments in judicial receivables.

Gávea Investimentos ( was founded in 2003 by Armínio Fraga, Brazil’s former Central Bank Governor, and currently has approximately US$ 7 billion in assets under management (June, 2011). Its activities are focused in two primary business areas: Hedge Fund strategies (including equity) and Longer Dated strategies. The management structure is based on solid research, focusing on risk assessment and relying on highly qualified professionals and exceptional experience in macroeconomics and matters related to government.

Jus Finance ( was created from a convergence of opportunities in the financial and legal worlds, building a solid reputation for  structuring transactions in this market. Jus Finance has a team of partners whose vast experience in managing judicial assets complements Gávea’s expertise in M&A, corporate finance, long-term asset management, and a full range of transactions in emerging markets. In the legal area, Jus Finance relies on its partners’ background in court litigation and tax issues as well as a solid internal legal team.

The partnership between Gávea Investimentos and Jus Finance brought together professionals skilled in investment and judicial asset management. The identification, judicial analysis, structuring, financial analysis, acquisition and management of these receivables is undertaken based on decisions made by a combined Investment Committee.

The Gávea Jus Investment Committee is composed of founding partners from both Gávea Investimentos and Jus Finance, and its activities are carried out through private investment vehicles managed by an entity duly regulated and certified by the Brazilian Securities Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários - CVM).

Information contained herein refers to the several entities that form the Gávea Jus group and/or their relevant products. Gávea Jus group is not responsible for errors, omissions or imprecision in the information disclosed. Information contained herein is of an exclusively informative nature and should not be construed as a solicitation to acquire shares in any investment fund. This information reflects Gávea Jus group’s opinion and goals and should not be understood as a prediction or projection of actual investments that will be made or transactions that will be achieved. These investment strategies involve significant risks, including availability of opportunities and execution of ideas and are subject to change without notice.  To confirm any information, please contact Gávea Jus group.